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Feathered Fantasia: Birding Bliss in Sulawesi and Halmahera with Malia Tours

In the heart of the Indonesian archipelago lies a pair of islands, Sulawesi and Halmahera, where the skies come alive with a symphony of vibrant plumage and distinctive calls. Malia Tours invites you to spread your wings and join us on an extraordinary journey into the avian wonderland of these breathtaking landscapes. Brace yourself for an unparalleled birding adventure where every moment is a discovery and every feather tells a unique story.

Discover Diversity:

Sulawesi and Halmahera are celebrated hotspots for biodiversity, offering an impressive array of endemic bird species that will leave even the most seasoned birdwatcher in awe. Malia Tours takes pride in guiding you through lush rainforests, towering mountains, and hidden corners where rare and elusive birds call home. From the flamboyant hues of the Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher to the surreal displays of the Wallace’s Standardwing, each sighting is a testament to the islands’ ecological richness.

Expert Guidance:

Our team at Malia Tours is not just passionate about birds; we are dedicated stewards of nature, committed to providing you with an immersive and educational experience. Accompanied by expert guides, your journey is peppered with fascinating insights into avian behavior, local conservation efforts, and the delicate balance that sustains these ecosystems. We believe in fostering a deep connection between our guests and the natural wonders that grace Sulawesi and Halmahera.

Seamless Exploration:

At Malia, we understand that true enjoyment comes from a seamless and comfortable travel experience. Our meticulously planned itineraries ensure that you can focus on the breathtaking landscapes and the captivating birds that inhabit them. Whether it’s navigating the dense foliage of Tangkoko Nature Reserve or exploring the remote corners of Aketajawe-Lolobata National Park in Halmahera, Malia Tours ensures that every moment of your birding adventure is met with ease and enthusiasm.

Conservation and Responsibility:

We believe in responsible tourism that leaves a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Malia Tours is deeply committed to sustainable practices, supporting conservation initiatives, and promoting ethical birdwatching. Our aim is not just to showcase the beauty of Sulawesi and Halmahera but also to contribute to the preservation of these natural wonders for generations to come.


List of Birding Trips in Sulawesi & Halmahera

  • Sulawesi Overland Birding
  • Beso Vallery Birding
  • Tentena & Bada Valley Birding
  • Donggala Birding
  • Morowali Birding & Wildlife Tour
  • Peleng & Banggai Islands Birding
  • Togian Islands Birding & Snorkeling
  • Birding Rawaopa & Wildlife Tour in Buton
  • Birding Lore Lindu – Palu Valley
    Maleo Conservation – AlTo
  • Birding Karaenta & Lompobattang
  • Birding Sangihe & Talaud Island
  • Tangkoko Bird Photography 
  • Birding Dumoga Bone & Gunung Ambang
  • Birding Gunung Mahawu – Tomohon
Birding with Malia Tours
Birding with Malia Tours
Birding with Malia Tours

21 Days Sulawesi – Halmahera Birding

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Upon your arrival at Makassar International Airport (formerly known as Ujung Pandang),
you’ll be greeted and whisked away to Lompobattang, settling in for an overnight stay in Malino.

Day 2: The morning unveils an expedition into the Lompobattang Mountains, unveiling the treasures of Sulawesi’s unique biodiversity. Here, our quest focuses on the elusive Lompobattang Flycatcher and Black-ringed White-eye, both endemic to this region. Amidst this birding haven, discover the Lompobattang Leaf Warbler, Sulawesi Pygmy Woodpecker, and other splendid species. Our journey back to Makassar might even offer sightings of the Pale-bellied Myna.

Day 3: The day starts with a birding adventure in the limestone karst forest of Karaenta, home to Sulawesi endemics like the White-necked Myna and Sulawesi Dwarf Hornbill. Following this, we make our way to Palu in central Sulawesi, pausing for birding at rice paddies en route, seeking the White-headed Munia. We cap the day’s journey at the renowned Lore Lindu National Park, where we’ll spend the next four nights in Wuasa village.

Days 4-6: Lore Lindu National Park reveals its splendor, boasting lowland forests brimming with Sulawesi’s endemic avian wonders. Our focus areas lie between 1000 to 1500m altitude, where sought-after species like the Sulawesi Robin and Purple-bearded Bee-eater grace our birdwatching experience. Feeding flocks might unveil the Maroon-backed Whistler, Sulawesi Fantail, and other unique species nestled in this biodiverse habitat.

Day 7: Another morning at Lore Lindu offers the chance to complete our birding quest before returning to Palu. En route, we explore savannas and grasslands, scouting for the Red-backed Buttonquail and other avian gems missed in the park. Nightfall settles in Palu.

Day 8: A flight to Manado kicks off our journey to Kotamobagu in North Sulawesi. Settling into a comfortable abode for four nights, we’re poised to explore nearby birding sites.

Days 9-11: Our focus shifts to Dumoga Bone National Park and lowland forests, promising encounters with Sulawesi endemics like the Sulawesi Roller and Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail. The forest echoes with the calls of the Green-backed Kingfisher and Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher, enhancing our birding experience. Nesting grounds of the Maleo, a unique and prized bird, await exploration along with Gunung Ambang’s submontane forests.

Day 12: A final morning of birding before returning to Manado for an overnight stay.

Day 13: Welcome to Halmahera! We journey to Foli, stopping at a beach to seek the Beach Kingfisher. Settling for four nights, Foli promises sightings of Wallace’s Standardwing and Ivory-breasted Pitta.

Days 14-16: Our days in Foli immerse us in the beauty of Halmahera’s birdlife. Wallace’s Standardwing’s lek site offers a spectacular display, while other endemics like the Halmahera Oriole and Gurney’s Eagle grace our birding expeditions. Nighttime unveils chances to spot Moluccan Owlet Nightjar and Halmahera Boobook.

Day 17: Heading northwest in Halmahera for an overnight stay.

Day 18: Along the coast, we seek the Moluccan Scrubfowl at their communal breeding grounds, aiming for a rare sighting. Night settles in Tobelo.

Day 19-20: Exploring Tangkoko-Dua Saudara National Park, we search for Sulawesi’s endemic treasures like the Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher and Red-bellied Pitta. The park’s diverse habitat also welcomes primates like the Spectral Tarsier and Sulawesi Crested Macaque.

Day 21: Our final morning unfolds with birding adventures, ensuring we’ve glimpsed all we sought. A visit to the small forests of Gunung Mahawu concludes our birding journey before departure from Manado Airport.

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