Bird Photography tour in Indonesia

We design a special interests for 3 to 14 days Bird photography tour where your group can travel towards selected places to find good angles, clear birding sites, and of course colourful birds. We concern for endemic target species in each islands.
Herewith selected places for bird photography in Indonesia;
- Bali Barat National Park (Bali)
- Baluran National Park & Ijen Crater (East Java)
- Malang (East Java)
- Gunung Gede-Prangrango National Park (West Java)
- Carita (Banten)
- Muara Angke and Pulau Rambut (Jakarta)
- Gunung kerinci - seblat National Park (West Sumatra)
- Gunung Leuser (North Sumatra)
- Aceh
- Way Kambas National Park (Lampung - Sumatra)
- Tanjung Puting National Park (Borneo - Central Kalimantan)
- Foli, Buli roadside & Weda (Halmahera - North Makuku
- Ambon, Buru Island, Seram Island, Tanimbar and Kai island (Moluccas)
- Tangkoko nature reserve & Minahasa highland (North Sulawesi)
- Dumoga Bone National Park & Gunung Ambang (North Sulawesi)
- Nantu forest (Gorontalo)
- Makassar, Rammang-Rammang and Malino (South Sulawesi)
- Lore Lindu National Park & Palu  valley( Central sulawesi)
- Taima (Luwuk - Central Sulawesi)
- Pulau Batudaka (Togean island - Central Sulawesi)
- Kokolomboi & Salakan (Peleng island)
- Tamako (sangihe island - North Sulawesi)
- Beo (Talaud island - North Sulawesi)
- Gunung Mutis, Bipolo & Camplong (Timor island)
- Roti island
- Lewa & Yumbu (Sumba island)
- Kisol, Ranamese lake, Potawangka and Komodo island (Flores)
- Mt. arfak, Waigeo & Raja ampat (West Papua)
- Batanta island (Biak) 

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Trip Reports

Birding in Bali Barat

Birding in Bali Barat

Sonley Graham and his friend had done five days birding on Bali Barat National Park.


Borneo Trip

Borneo Trip

Both are brother, they are all expert for more than 20 years birding experience in Central

Halmahera - Paradise Birding

We had a wonderful day of birding trip to Halmahera. We set up trip from Manado,

" We are ready to plan a once-in-a-lifetime birding experience in Indonesia covering Sulawesi, Maluku - Halmahera, Java, Sumatera, Bali, Papua and Borneo - Kalimantan, specially tailored to your unique needs and desires "